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Revolutionising rentals with AI

Property Rental Platform
Web App

Averly’s mission is to create a happier, stress-free rental ecosystem for everyone, with more focus on relationships, and less time spent on admin.

The AI-powered property management app helps Agents to be superstars, gives landlords peace of mind, and tenants a sought-after rental profile and simple application process.

The Challenge

Make renting an awesome experience

Our challenge was to design a platform that connects everyone involved in a property rental, and make it epic.

We needed to design journeys for agents, tenants and landlords that would make processes smoother and more transparent for everyone. We had to keep in mind where they would overlap, and what one user’s action would trigger on another user’s side. And of course, keep it simple and intuitive despite the complexity of the evolving platform.

Product Strategy
UX Research
UX Design
UI Design
Design System
Brand Design
Interaction Design
User Testing
The Solution

A name, a brand and a persona

Averly needed to be lovable, trustworthy and authentic, simple and engaging. Through deeply understanding our tenant, agent and landlord markets, we brought a friendly and fresh look & feel, and a down-to-earth, intelligent persona to life.

A dashboard for effortless work

We dug deep to understand agents’ pain points, most time-consuming tasks and what they find most valuable. Then we designed a visually exciting, clear and intuitive dashboard that provides quick views and easy access to the most urgent tasks.

A rental profile for life

Rental applications usually mean admin and long forms. So, we added some fun, AI and intuition into the application process. Now, applying for their first property using Averly means tenants have a rental profile for life. Every time they apply to rent, they can do it using their profile, and keeping their details up to date is easy.

The Results


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I can truly say that Now Boarding played a key role in shaping and launching our product.”
Zabeth Venter
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