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SwissBorg makes crypto less of a gamble with solid strategies and smart technology.

In a market as volatile as crypto, SwissBorg gives users more control over their crypto assets with sound investment strategies and smart trades. Their mission is to make crypto simple, accessible and secure, giving everyone the chance to safely trade in the tokens of the future.

The Challenge

Create an exciting and inclusive crypto experience.

Getting into the crypto market can be intimidating, and risky in the wrong hands.

From crypto newbies and tech-savvy early adopters to seasoned institutional investors and crypto resistors, SwissBorg wanted to build a crypto wallet that was easy for anyone to use, and that people could trust. Now Boarding’s challenge was to create a brand, website and wallet app that nailed the core of their ethos and gave users a clear, transparent way to manage their crypto assets.

Design System
Brand Design
Product Strategy
UI Design
UX Design
Interaction Design
The Solution

Really knowing their customers

Different countries have different KYC compliance regulations. Managing the complexity around these requirements and keeping the onboarding flow simple for users was critical to conversions.

Powerful crypto market navigation

The crypto market can be overwhelming, so we designed a marketplace with filters, sorting and search functionality that offer clear, easy actions and comparisons. Users can filter by categories like Earn or Stablecoins, and sort their results based on Percentage Change or Yield Percentages.

Making complexity simple and transparent

SwissBorg's multi-exchange gets users the best live rate. The complex back-end automates several exchange routes, but users just want a transparent view of how their exchanges happen. So we made sure the data is easy to digest.

The Results

An award-winning global crypto app, that is growing stronger in numbers every day.


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